Friday, March 5, 2010

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Survival is associated with food and drinks, you could say mainly water. To some extent, survival is not just associated with normal food, but really GOOD GOOD food. We'd call it fine food, gourmet food and most importantly the Art of LIFE!

We are two chics from the UAE who love and appreciate food of all kinds. We check for the latest, we try, we taste, we consume and we practically judge the food as good or not. You'd think we are fat or couch potatoes, but we are the opposite, we just admire food as a passion.

Now, that you briefly know who we are, we'd like to introduce our shared corner which we call, Gourmet Chics. We will continuously update with our opinion on meals we've had all over the world, share our recipes or recipes we like, give some healthy food eating tips and our experience dealing with food...

Don't hesitate to comment or email us on for any information, assistance and suggestions with regards to food.


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