Friday, June 4, 2010

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The taste of food is in some way associated with food marinates before the food is cooked and presented to be eaten. Food lovers always have good taste buds to understand what I'm really trying to hint to. Food marinates can be over and complicated sometimes, but with the right balance result in perfect outcomes.
From a personal perspective, food marinates shouldn't be a complicated step when cooking. All you need to do is use simple spices and not try hard to match many kinds together or the food will taste bad.
Different types of food sometimes also play a role in the type of marinate a cook uses in a specific recipe. Below is a range of food marinates categorised with the type of food to be soaked in.
Chicken or any type of poultry:
- lemon + salt and black pepper (hint*: it tastes is really good when fried with olive oil as the chicken becomes more tender and soft)
- 7-up (for chicken sticks)
- mama sita (that's really really good for chicken wings and drum sticks bbq)
Meat (beef/ veal...etc):
- 7-up again + salt and pepper and lemon (for bbq)
- soya sauce with some spices (for steak)
- kiwi along with 7-up make the meat tender a lot
- yogurt + salt and pepper
Fish and Seafood:
- white or apple vinigar (especially if the fish is stuffed for either grill
- lemon
- mama sita (for shrimps bbq or grill)
- red pepper and lemon
I simply advise that if you are to mariate your food before cooking it, leave it to rest few few hours if not a day. Be patient and don't mix a lot of stuff together.
Bon appetite.
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