Thursday, April 28, 2011

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What I mean by the recycling of food comes after the saying mom keeps repeating:
كل بايت ولا تاكل مقيل which actually means: eat yesterday's leftovers but not something you ate some of and kept some since early in the day for a later meal.

Recycling of food is to actually use those leftovers to prepare a totally different meal. Let me give you examples.

How many times have you grilled chicken and nobody ate it or let us say a large portion was left behind?
Ever thought of recycling that chunk of meat into something much more edible?
How about preparing, shawerma sandwiches with it? or a pasta mix, even something easier chicken soup with mushrooms or any other type of soup? Here we go? This is called recycling?

I remember my sister and myself once transformed grilled fish into mini fish koftas with parsley and lemon. It was yummy.

A fruit salad can end up as a smoothie.

So basically everything can be recycled in life, not only materials but also and especially food!
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