Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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I've been on lots of dine outs every since I got injured. Either ordering in or going out alone or with company to restaurants. Yes I can't deny I turned to a balloon who can hardly shift from one place or another, but the pleasure I always get from eating is just an bearably overwhelming.

Now I will be posting reviews as much as I can of the places I visited. For today it is Zaroob.

The hype about Zaroob been going on for sometime. Everybody recommended it. Lebanese authentic food in a pop cultural way. Naa Naaaaa. That's all wrong. First it is Egyptian Pop, not Lebanese. It is not this close to being authentic. The service was alright regardless of the jumping waiters and the way they served. I personally see them as aggressive and clumsy (دفشين) in the way they were serving the food.

What did I choose to eat? Koshari. And how was it? Not spicy, too oily. The only pleasant thing about it is the crispy onion on top.
What else? Fatoush. Yeah this is the plate I enjoyed most.
The Shawerma on the coal. It was really good. I bet the sandwiches are good too. I still have to try the mishaltet pastry to be able to judge.
The Homous.... Not that good at all. Too much olive oil can be urgh. URGH.
The juices were fresh, that was pleasant.

Ne ways, as an overall rate for Zaroob, I personally give it a 7.5/10. Maybe I will change my mind when I try the sandwiches and mishaltet. I loved the atmosphere and the presentation of the shop, that could be why I rate the restaurant as 7.5.

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  1. LOL I heard a lot about it too but I don't know why I never wanted to go I felt like it's too "bladi" haha. After what you described thank GOD I didn't go:p