Sunday, August 15, 2010

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- Tortilla bread of any type
- Chicken breasts (bone and skinless) = cut into med. sized cubes
- Bell peppers (whatever is available, i used red, green and yellow)
- 1 med. onion, finely chopped
- Pesto sauce
- Lemon juice
- Butter
- 1/2 cube of chicken stock (maggi)
- Salt and black pepper for seasoning
- Cheddar or Mozzarella cheese

1- marinate the chicken breasts overnight with pesto sauce, 2-3 tea spoons are enough + lemon juice + a pinch of salt.
2- chop into tiny cubes = onion + bell peppers and in medium size cubes the chicken breasts
3- in a pan, add some butter + onion = when it becomes a bit golden color, add the bell peppers and when done put the mixture in a bowl.
4- the pan will be greasy, so don't wash it and don't add butter, just put the chicken, which will release some water alone.
5- break the 1/2 cube of the chicken stock and add it to the chicken.
6- when the chicken is tender, add the onion and bell peppers mixture back on the chicken.
7- stir for a while and season with salt and black pepper if needed. (it depends on u)
8- the mixture is ready now, it is time to prepare the Quesadillas.
9- the tortilla bread is circle, so u add the chicken mixture to the lower half of the bread.
10- put as much cheddar or mozzarella cheese as u want and close the tortilla bread.
11- repeat step 9 and 10 until the mixture u have is finished.
12- heat the oven and put the quesadillas on a tray and into the oven
13- leave the bread to become golden brown from both sides and the cheese melts
14- when done take out of oven, leave it to cool a bit then cut each quesadilla in half or 3 portions, in a triangle way.

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