Saturday, August 14, 2010

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- Pepperonis
- Tortilla Bread
- Ketchup
- Sliced Black Olives
- Feta Cheese
- Mozzarella Cheese
- Coriander or Spring Onions

1- using a pan, grill the pepperoni slices, they will turn a bit dark red.

2- spread a layer of ketchup on the tortilla bread
3- in the middle of the bread, add as much slices of pepperoni *7-10 would be enough*
4- Add around 4-5 cubes of feta cheese.
6- spread some sliced black olives.
7- spread a layer of mozzarella cheese.
8- you choice: either add some coriander or sliced spring onions on top of the cheese.
9- fold from two sides like a flap and fasten with a toothpick.
10- bake in the over until the cheese melts and the bread turns a bit of a brown crusty color.
11- can be served in slices or a whole wrap cut in half for every person.

Sorry for the bad quality bb pictures.
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