Sunday, May 22, 2011

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What's better than pesto to accompany chicken?! Well, I didn't think much about the recipe,I just had my hands working and the result became Chicken Pesto Skewers (Grilled). I'm bad with presentation but the food is good, so let us focus on the taste of the food.

- Chicken breasts (cut into moderately medium cubes)
- Pesto Sauce
- 1 lemon
- Salt and Pepper (for seasoning)
- Olive oil
- Can of 7up
- Sticks

1- Put the chicken cubes in a large bowl and pour 1/2 to 3/4 of the 7up over the chicken. (This makes your chicken tender very fast.) (keep it on a side for 15-30 minutes at least.
2- Drain the chicken cubes using a sieve. Wash the same bowl with water and place the chicken back in the bowl.
3- Season with salt and pepper + squeeze the lemon juice on the chicken + add 2 table spoons of olive oil and mix them together.
4- Now it is your choice how much pesto sauce you want to put. I put around 3 -4 full table spoons to keep the flavor in. Mix and cover the bowl with plastic and keep it in the fridge until it is time to grille.
5- You can use the oven or use the griller (the griller is a better choice) and on charcoal even merrier. Set up the way you want to grille your chicken and keep it hot, chicken is easily cooked.
6- Get you sticks ready, your chicken from the fridge and insert few cubes of chicken on every stick. When your sticks are ready, off to the grille.
*note, if you don't want the sticks to burn, soak them in water.
7- Rotate your chicken sticks every few minutes and when they look browned, then they are ready. (remember you added 7up in the beginning , which makes it easier to handle your chicken or any type of meat.
8- Serve. ( you might want to fry some french fries or potato slices to serve them with your skewers)

*Note: you can also fry the chicken skewers instead of grilling them. You will need an egg or two, and some breadcrumbs to do that.

Bon appetite
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  1. 7 up wow. i really love tender chicken. thanks for the hint. i need a special griller :(