Friday, March 16, 2012

Posted by jinson on 6:51 PM 2 comments
Moist, right amount of flavors, fulfilling, freshly baked bread and long queues, that calls for a Shish Shawerma.

I've been introduced to this place by my brother one day and ever since, I got hooked. Honestly, the best thing to by from that shop is the Chicken Shawarma. It is well spiced and sauced and the bread is amazingly fresh. I don't recommend the beef or mutton one, it is just so tough. The flavor is great but the meat is so strong you end up swallowing rather than chewing and enjoying your sandwich.

Busiest place in Abu Dhabi, Khalidiya, near to Muzan Abaya shop.

PS: I still haven't had a Wild Peeta. 


  1. Slurps ... Great find ;-) I like this place too!

  2. WOW, it will be on my list to do soon then :D
    thanks for sharing