Saturday, May 5, 2012

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One of my all time favorite is a sloppy joe. As greasy as ever and with lots of melted cheddar cheese would fix my mood and let me hanging there with ecstasy.

Before I started working on my salad and soup diet, which also included grilled meat and low fat diaries, I rewarded myself with an amazing sloppy joe. and here I am sharing my recipe.

- tomatoes
- medium sized onion chopped
- 2 -3 cloves of garlic
- butter and olive oil
- 1 can of kidney beans
- 1 cube of chicken stock melted in some hot water
- tomato paste
- salt and pepper for seasoning
- cream cheese, i used Philadelphia cheese
- chopped parsley
- cheddar cheese, grated
- minced meat, it doesn't matter what type, it can be mutton or beef
- burger buns or small buns, depends on what you like

1- boil your tomatoes for few minutes so that the skin will peel off very fast.

 2- peel the skin off your tomatoes and chop them into large cubes.

3- in a pan, put your chopped onion and garlic. Add to it some butter and a table spoon of olive oil.
*I do that to avoid having trans-fats. 

4- when your onion turns golden brown, add your minced meat.

5- when your meat is almost done, get the kidney beans, rinse them first then add them to the meat.

6- add your chopped soggy tomatoes and then add a half a cup of melted chicken stock cube with a tea spoon of tomato paste.

7- let the meat simmer until the result is as showing above.

8- get a seared pan with butter, and turn your halved buns on the pan.

9- the best part comes here, add some team cheese on both sides of the buns, 2 full spoons of the meat mixture, as much cheddar cheese as you would love and some chopped parsley for additional flavor.

10- serve and eat hot.


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