Monday, October 25, 2010

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Love cheese, or even better love spicy food. Jalapeno Poppers are really good to serve as appetizers. Normaly, you'll find them ready to fry from Spinneys, Abella.... etc, but how about making them at home.

Jalapeno peppers: slices in half and boiled for 2 mins maximum.
Philadelphia Cheese
Cheddar Cheese (The more the merrier)
Oil for frying

Step 1: mix 3/4 of the Philadelphia cheese with 2 large handfuls of Cheddar cheese. I used Kraft mixed cheddar and mozzarella but I recommend cheddar cheese.
Step 2: Get a slice of jalapeno pepper and fill it with the cheese mixture. A tiny hill of cheese will do. Repeat to fill all the jalapeno pepper slices.
Step 3: from the cheese side of the popper, dip it in the breadcrumbs.
step 4: them dip cover each of the poppers in egg, covering all sides.
step 5: after covering the popper with the first coat of breadcrumbs, apply a second coat. Make sure you cover the poppers properly as shown in the picture; to prevent the cheese to melt out when frying.
step 6: fry the poppers until they become golden brown in color and the cheese melts.
step 7: place the poppers on a plate and serve.
Jalapeno Poppers is really tasty, but make sure you like spicy food and your stomach can handle it, I don't want anyone getting sick. kay.

Bon a petit
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  1. ok, so wdait el laptop 7ag ommi o galatlii hatha law nsaweeh bel bait tgolon mo 7ilo, bs law min barah takloonah o y3jbkom, gtlaha tsaweli bachr ;p ma7ad rjeem!!! killah minich 5rabtay el rjeem ;p